About Asthenis

Your local, community-focused Providence pharmacy

From important vaccinations to affordable prices on prescription medications and common medicines, we strive to provide expert care to our community. Asthenis aims to promote wellness with in-person public health workshops, available Community Health Workers, and helpful advice from our experienced pharmacists. 

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Asthenis Local Pharmacy - Transfer Prescriptions
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The Asthenis community mission and impact has been featured in publications nationwide.

Our team

Dr. Eugenio Fernandez
Dr. Jordan Villella
Pharmacy Manager
Maya Goode
Public Health Specialist, Certified Application Counselor
Luis Garcia
Staff and Facilities Manager
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Barbara Fernandez Okoro
Community Health Worker, Certified Application Counselor
Singer Joy Morra
Administrative Coordinator

More than just a retail pharmacy

Community Health Work

If you are on Medicaid and need to consult with a professional about your medication or the healthcare resources available to you, schedule a call with our Community Health Worker.

Certified Application Counselor

Our staff are certified by the Rhode Island Health Center Association to provide enrollment support to those applying to Medicaid or a Federally Qualified Health Program.

Public Health Workshops

We provide accessible education on topics such as medication management, diabetes and hypertension, allergies, and more. Contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop at your event or workplace.