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Frequently Asked Questions

I just transferred, how soon can I get my meds refilled?

As soon as your refill due date will allow us. For example, if you had just recently picked up a 90 day supply of medication, your insurance will wait for that supply to run low before allowing that medication to be refilled.

How long does it take to receive my meds by mail?

If you live in Rhode Island, your meds are typically going to arrive the next business day.

If I changed my pharmacy, is there anything I need to tell my doctor?

Notify your doctor's office that you have a new pharmacy. Think of it as if you were to change your home address, you would have to notify them to update your pharmacy on file so that new notices get sent to the right address.

Is there a fee to have my prescription medications sent to my home or business?

No, we do not charge you any additional fee for sending your prescription medications. If you have an insurance plan with copays, you would only still be responsible for your copays. Your copays should not change when you start using our pharmacy.

I do not have copays. Do I need to leave my credit card on file?


I am still receiving text reminders and letters from my former pharmacy, what should I do?

Call us! We can contact the pharmacy for you so that their automated system stops sending you messages.

For New Antibiotics: My doctor just sent a new prescription for antibiotics, can I have my antibiotic sent to my home instead of picking up?

Yes, just let our staff know and we will update our system so that you will receive your new antibiotics the next business day.

Doctors typically want their patients to start their antibiotics the same day that they are prescribed, therefore our staff are instructed to prepare these medications quickly and for pick up only. If you prefer that your antibiotics are sent to your home instead - you must let us know by calling us and we will have your antibiotics prepared for next day arrival to your home.